What is a Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP) and do I need one?

Pennsylvania requires that all companies maintain an office within the state OR have a CROP that is registered with the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania.  Elliott & Davis is registered with Pennsylvania as a CROP and can provide that service to you whether you are out-of-state or merely concerned about privacy.

Home-based businesses should seriously consider using a CROP.  In Pennsylvania and many other states, service of process is done by a County Sheriff.  Litigation often involves lot of served documents and many private citizens would prefer not to have frequent visits by law enforcement personnel to their home.  The Pennsylvania Department of State website also shows the registered address of every business (P.O. Boxes cannot be used) and many people prefer not to publish their home address for reasons of maintaining privacy.

There is also a certain amount of prestige in having a distinguished law firm like Elliott & Davis be your CROP.  For this service, we charge $150 per year or $300 for three years.

Please call Eric Davis at 412.434.4911 ext 11 if you are interested in having Elliott & Davis serve as a CROP for your corporate entity.

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