Filing Fees

Each state has filing fees for forming an entity in that state.  In Pennsylvania, the cost is $125 regardless of whether you are forming an LLC, Nonprofit Corporation, Benefit Corporation, Corporation or Limited Partnership.  

Corporate Kit

A corporate kit can add formality to your new entity and is recommended for entities with more than one owner.  

Organizational Documents

Custom organizational documents (operating agreements, bylaws, limited partnership agreements) should be created that structure the deal between the owners/directors of an entity and define how the organization will be governed.


Resolutions add formality to the governance of the new entity and may be necessary to open bank accounts, engage in real estate transactions or establish credit.  

Corporations 101

We meet or talk with every client about issues associated with liability/piercing the corporate veil and taxes.  It is important to know how to best protect yourself from personal liability and minimize tax exposure.

CROP Services

Our CROP (Commercial Registered Office Provider) service is an inexpensive way to make your entity appear more formal, avoid having personal information on the Dept. of State website and not risk being served with process at your home or business.

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