September 7, 2015 Eric Davis

Protecting Business Information

Employees and independent contractors will often need access to a business’ confidential information in order to perform their job. However, misuse of this information can cause problems. One way to protect your business’ sensitive information is to have every employee and independent contractor agree in writing to keep that information confidential and to only use this information for the benefit of your business. Such agreements are often referred to as “non-disclosure agreements” or “NDAs”.

Sometimes one of the best ways to keep confidential information private is to document with those who have access to it that they have a duty to protect this information. In most cases, merely having a non-disclosure agreement in place is enough to keep an individual from divulging confidential information.

If a person chooses not to honor the terms of the non-disclosure agreement, then the business can bring a breach of contract claim or seek an injunction against this person. A common provision of most non-disclosure agreements is that the person violating the agreement will be responsible for paying the legal costs associated with violating the terms of the agreement.

When it comes to protecting your sensitive business information, non-disclosure agreements are a simple and affordable preventative measure that can save a lot of unnecessary problems and legal expense.

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